Association of Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals



Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

The week of May 24th through May 28th is Period Poverty Awareness Week. May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day.

ANWEP Dallas Chapter, represented by Chief Mrs. Schola Nweke, Dr. Lynda Mbah and Engr. Ogechi Ugwulebo, visited Roosevelt High School, Dallas, TX on May 28th 2021 to donate period supplies to students and mentor them on the importance of practicing good menstrual hygiene and having self confidence even when they are on their periods. Dr. Lynda Mbah covered many topics including recognizing the warning signs of period-related health issues. The students were very happy and thankful to the ANWEP team for reaching out to them and told us that they feel empowered by seeing successful role models who look like them.

Help us end Period Poverty

Several studies have shown that Periods are keeping girls out of schools. And if girls are missing from classrooms while they’re on their period, then that deprives them of getting a quality education. A UNESCO report estimates that one in ten girls misses school during their menstrual cycle. Some girls drop out of school altogether once they begin menstruating. To help fight period poverty, the Association of Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals, ANWEP, embarked on a Teen Empowerment outreach mission to donate period supplies to female teenage students in Middle and High Schools in Dallas and Denton Counties. The ANWEP Keep Girls in School “Pad Bank” initiative ensures that students have a steady supply of menstrual hygiene products and that they do not stay away from school because of their monthly cycle.  


  • Donate generously to enable us keep a steady supply of sanitary pads for regular distribution to young girls in Dallas and Denton Counties.
  • Donate in kind by sending us supplies of regular sanitary pads.

Our target is 3000 girls a year in Dallas and Denton counties. Your support can enable us reach and even surpass this goal.