Our Projects


Our “Empower Girls in STEM” program gives underrepresented groups, particularly girls and women, a window into STEM careers and builds a network of support and ongoing mentorship for students who are interested in studying and practicing STEM. ANWEP recognizes that female education is a crucial component to poverty alleviation and investing in girls’ education also helps delay early marriage and parenthood. It is ANWEP’s goal to increase the number of women in STEM through our mentorship efforts and our career-focused programs and initiatives.

Fight against domestic violence

Our fundraising efforts enables us to provide temporary shelters for young mothers in Dallas and Denton Counties who are victims of domestic violence. We have opened a channel of communication for women who are battered to reach out for help by organizing workshops and outreach programs to spread awareness on domestic violence and the abuse of women and children in our community. Our counseling services and training are designed to help victims become socially and economically autonomous.


We live in a society that puts women on the back burner and as a result, most women and young girls do not reach their full potential professionally. Our Confident Girl Self Esteem initiative is designed to help our younger generation develop a leadership mindset at a very young age. The ultimate aim of this association is to encourage and train significant numbers of women for informed leadership positions that will ultimately promote a progressive development agenda. This we can accomplish through our leadership and entrepreneurial conferences.

ANWEP Programs and Events

ANWEP’s Empower Girls in STEM Mentorship Initiative

In support of our mentoring outreach efforts in STEM, ANWEP organized and executed a successful inaugural gala on May 5th, 2018 that showcased five STEM advocates from the corporate sector who served as guest speakers. High school students from Dallas and Denton county school districts were offered free admission to…

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ANWEP’s Confident Girl, Smart Choices Mentorship Outreach Program

In fulfillment of our empowerment mission, ANWEP offers a free workshop for teen girls on self esteem and body image. Having poor body image can have numerous negative effects, one of the most common is lowered self-esteem, which carries with it its own associated risks. Poor body image is also…

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ANWEP’s Adopt-a-Family for the Holidays Initiative

Every year, ANWEP adopts some needy families in our immediate community for the holiday season. Our focus is typically on single parent families with young children. The goal is to make every one’s Christmas wishes come true. ANWEP collects the list of wants for Christmas and endeavors to provide most…

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ANWEP Confident Girl Self Esteem Workshop Volunteers and Presenters, August 25th 2018, Dallas, TX

A big Thank You to our Confident Girl Self Esteem, Proper Etiquette and Positive Body Image Workshop Volunteers and Presenters. It is the generous support of individuals like you that makes it possible for our organization to exist and helps make the community a great place to live. Having low self esteem is no joke and teenage girls are the most vulnerable. Support ANWEP’s Confident Girl Self Esteem and Positive Body Image Workshop for girls ages 9 – 17. Help us raise Leaders not followers. Order a Confident Girl T-shirt today!

With our presenters, Julianne Schroeder, Dr. Amiso George and Tarsha Daniels